Cancellations & Refund Policy


We want to thank you (“User”, “Purchaser”) and appreciate your efforts in choosing and availing our ( services. Please read the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and process carefully as they will give you important information and guidelines about your rights and obligations as our client, concerning any purchase you make through us. The policy concerning cancellation and refund shall be following the clauses as set forth:

  • You may request to cancel your request/purchase/package (“order”)  for a full refund, up to 24 hoursbefore the placement of order. Cancellations after the expiry of 24 hours may not be accepted.
  • To cancel the order, the Purchaser shall give notice to us in writing, and to the extentand reason specified therein. If any step has been taken in furtherance of the order by us, the order shall be deemed cancelled if you pay us for the work already been initiated or completed.
  • For clarity, it is made clear that any intimation (to initiate, process or cancel the order) shall be treated as final, whether it is made by any employee (contractual or full-time) of yours.
  • We are eligible to be compensated if we have a reason to believe that the request for cancellation or refund is initiated to avoid any penalty or any act or omission resulting in non-compliance withany applicable law or regulation.

Refund will only be processed in the following situations:

  • Refund will only be processed where there is clear, visible and genuine need to do so.
  • No refund shall not be granted, if the purchaser wants therefund only because there was a change in mind with 3 working days from the order date, once work is started. The purchaser have the option to terminate the services, subject to the full payment of the services already availed.
  • In the event, where the request for the refund or cancellation is made and where we received an intimation about the completion of  the work, in such case, the request of refund or cancellation shall be invalid.
  • In case of any rejection or objection by the Government office in connection to any services purchased, the refund shall be only to the extent we received from the Government excluding the fee for our services.
  • We shall not provide refunds where your access is interrupted due to your insufficient system requirements such as poor Internet connection, incompatible hardware/software and the like.
  • If the application for refund or cancellation has been approved by us, the same shall be processed and intimated to you via email. This refund process could take a minimum of 30 (Thirty) business days to process and will be credited to your bank account respectively.
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