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Financial Modelling

Are you setting up your own business? Do you want it to be sustainable? Will you be seeking funds? Do you want your business to remain viable?
If you answer in the affirmative, read on. You will need financial modelling to help you achieve your goals.

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Advantages Of Financial Modelling

Management Reporting:

Financial modelling helps businesses to get an accurate view of how the numbers would stack up in the future based on various scenarios. It helps the management to build a budget. It gives the shareholders a good view of how the business can perform in the future based on projected numbers and whether certain business plans should be pursued or discarded.

Investor Presentations:

Startups would need to raise funds eventually. To make a presentation to investors, you would need to share projected numbers based on different sales growth scenarios. Financial modelling helps the business to generate such reports easily. This gives a detailed view of the business and helps investors evaluate the business better. This helps them to compare the business with peers and arrive at the right valuation.

Raising a Bank Loan:

When a business needs to raise a loan, it needs to submit a business plan with forecasted numbers for the future. Financial modelling helps the business to arrive at these statements quite comfortably. This gives the lenders a clear view of the current financial position and future cash flows.

Decision Making:

Financial modelling can provide you with an accurate view of the future, which can help you make the right business decisions. It is important to take all the pros and cons into account, and financial modelling provides you with the flexibility to compare various scenarios.

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Documents/ Details required for
Financial Modelling

Top Line Projections

We provide top-line projections to give a sense of revenue growth mix and quality of revenue.

Cost Projections

We provide a high-level view into key spend areas by departments and overall profitability.

Cash Flow Projections

Our financial model provides a detailed analysis of cash inflow, outflow and balances.

Cost by Departments

We provide a department-wise break up of costs linked to operational drivers for a clear picture of costs.

Cap Sheet

We have designed this to give you an idea of the funding rounds needed and the founder equity dilution view.


We provide a comprehensive view of Revenue growth, costs by department and profitability metrics. Metric reporting through advanced data visualizations around key financials will give you a clear view of the business and help you make informed decisions.

Cash Burn Rates and Cash Balances

This provides the rate of cash burn on a Quarter-on-Quarter basis to give a clear idea of the cash available.

Break-even, ARPU, CAC

This dashboard provides advanced metrics to offer investors insights into business model strength and business productivity improvement.

Why do you need Financial Modelling?

You will need financial modelling to build a financially viable business. Drawing up a business plan, projecting the numbers and forecasting the future for various scenarios will help you figure out whether the business is viable or not. Knowing your worst-case scenario is very important as it will help you plan to avoid it.

Why do startups need Financial Modelling?

If you are looking to raise funds as most startups do, you will need financial modelling as part of the fundraising process. Investors, Venture Capitalists and Banks are bound to ask you for your financial plan before they invest or lend funds. If you have a financial plan in hand, you can answer the probing questions that the financier may ask before putting his money on the table.
Moreover, you will also need to have a fair idea of the amount of funding you need. Unless you know your forecasted targets, how will you measure your performance? How will you answer your shareholders?


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