Revenue Payments

For Revenue payments i.e., professional fee/bill payment which forms part of our sales/revenue shall be receivable through mentioned below payment mode in dedicated accounts;

Bank Details
Startup Movers Private Limited Bank Name: ICICI Bank Ltd Account Number: 071605001431 Type: Current Account IFSC Code: ICIC0000716 Branch Location: Okhla P-1

We also have an active payment gateway to receive payment, mentioned below: Nominal Transaction Charges Apply Please fill in the payment purpose if you are choosing to pay via instamojo gateway.

You can also pay the amount via upi code given below: paystartupmovers@icici OR Using the QR code by


Once the transaction is done, please do not forget to fill up the payment advice form below to enable us to give timely credits to your account in case you are paying through UPI/Bank Transfer.

In case you are here to pay for the Reimbursements i.e., tax payments, government fees (TDS, GST, ROC/MCA fee etc), that we pay on the client’s behalf advanced/recovered as reimbursements not forming part of our revenue.

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